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How can I use ‘ecoins’?

For that you have a simple GUI/Qt application called: Wallet.

It’s similar as Bitcoin but adapted to be used by Ecoin.


Main features are:

  • encrypted ‘coins’ storage
  • share system
  • block chain browser
  • history log of transactions
  • encrypted internal messaging system
  • contact addressbook
  • backup system
  • proxy socksĀ 
  • traffic graphs
  • […]

If you need a more advanced wallet, we strongly recommend you to take a look on the Internet and search for Bitcoin wallets. You can use them to keep your ecoins as well. Like, for example: DarkWallet


To pay:

You can use your ecoins for paying on “Send Coins” tab:



To receive:

You can use your ecoins for receiving on “Receive Coins” tab:


Sending or receiving ecoins generally takes some minutes.

This is the time it takes for the transaction to be confirmed within the Ecoin network.

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